Adam P. Block, A.J.P


Professional Piercer since 1990. Proud member of The Association of Professional Piercers. Jewelry Designer. Former Co-Owner of BVLA.

Available Wednesday-Saturday


Alex Maiorano


Proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Suspension Practitioner. Professional Piercer since 2014.

Available Saturday-Tuesday

Guest Piercers



Nicholas Adams

With over 15 years in the Body Piercing Industry, Nicholas has lovingly adorned clients at the most reputable studios across North America. The End is Near is proud to host Nicholas throughout the year and we urge you to come experience his exceptional bedside manner, eye for fine jewelry, and precision piercing ability.


Jan Castelar

Janeese Brooks resident piercer at Oculo Visitant Gallery, our Sister Studio in Oneonta, NY. She studied body piercing under OVG Senior Staff Piercer, Gene Gowen. Janeese's approach to piercing is to accentuate her clients natural beauty, while maintaining symmetry and balance.


Gene Gowen

Senior Piercer at our Sister Studio, Oculo Visitant Gallery, Gene Gowen, has been piercing professionally since 2010. Proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Gene is trained in all piercings and specializes in advanced Surface and Genital Piercings. Available 6 days a week at Oculo Visitant Gallery.

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